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We are an internationally active trading house that is specialized in tube fittings. It is our aim as your stockholding partner to enable the best possible supply for your projects and your production.

FLABOFORM is your highly specialized partner for a demand-actuated supply of flanges, bends and fittings. Furthermore, we offer short stub ends, lap joint flanges, tubes and fittings in all dimensions, manufactured out of carbon steel, stainless steel and various special alloys.

Our decentralized distribution centers ensure both nearness to you as a customer and excellent consulting. The distribution centers in Waghäusel and Essen are equipped with the latest storage technologies and manage more than 12,000 articles, available on call. With our central office in Waghäusel and branch offices in Essen, Leipzig and Nuremberg, as well as in Poland and the Czech Republic, we can guarantee optimal, individual service for our customers at any time.

As a member of the Grupo  Cuñado, which consists of specialized companies that supply pipes, valves, fittings and miscellaneous item, we care for your individual requirements and are able to supply full piping packages and added value services, such as our Integral Supply Service.